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Our Service - Drafting the Bill of Costs

Drafting the bill and getting it to the other side quickly is vital if you are going to improve your cash flow.  We will work with you to put in place a system to get the files to us quickly, to allow us to draft the bills and get them off to the other side within 5 workings days for a fast track case and 10 working days for a multi-track case.

Some serious injury cases may take longer and we will discuss a timeframe with you on instruction.

We will work with you by email (if preferred) to ensure early receipt of the Bill for approval. If we are unable to serve the Bill formally, we will serve informally to get negotiations underway. Either way we will ensure the cost recovery process starts without delay.

We will also use the knowledge we gain from preparing bills on your files to provide feedback, education and team training to enable you to improve your realisation rates.  Simple things like ensuring detailed attendance notes, keeping good records and managing who does the work can all help to get realisation to 100%.

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